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Follow the Rabbi

Do you ever wonder what it must have been like to live in the 1st Century with or around Jesus? I mean, Jesus lived in a specific culture, was raised in a specific environement, and lived around specific people. Yet how often do I just clunk my own culture on top of Jesus' words? Whenever I want to enter into that world, Jesus' world, I go to Follow the Rabbi. Ponder this:

For us to know Jesus—and thus God the Father and the Holy Spirit—more intimately, we must carefully assess our 21st-century culture and Western attitudes in relation to and in light of the 1st-century world of Jesus. We must immerse ourselves in the culture of Scripture and Jesus of Nazareth. And we must learn to "think Hebrew"—in the way that the original writers of the Text thought.

If you ever get a chance, browse through this intriguing section on the differences between Hebrew (Eastern) thought and Greek (Western) thought. It will definitely open your eyes!

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