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My house as metaphor for redemption

My family and I live in the inner-city of Memphis. The gunshots that woke us up last night at 2am are indicative of the drug culture that infests our neighborhood. Crystal meth is the drug of choice. Easy to find. Not difficult to make, actually. But the effects are devastating. This picture shows the almost cartoon-like affects that meth has on a person over time. Besides being highly addictive, meth creates massive psychological and physical problems.

"You have literally changed the landscape of the brain," says Paul Brethen, director of the Matrix Institute in Rancho Cucamonga, a drug research and treatment office. "Cocaine doesn't do that."

Before I moved in a few years ago, my house was a meth lab. A veritable corner store of crystal meth that fed the addictions of who knows how many. It has been quite an ordeal for my wife and I to get it livable, much less clean.

But what's interesting is that this once-factory of addiction and destruction is now a haven for peace and mercy. Children come over to listen to stories about missionaries. The elderly are cared for and looked after. Neighbors in transition can sit around our kitchen table. In a kitchen that once cooked meth, now there is relationship, trust and hope. It is a haven of redemption.

My hope is that the sent people of God would see all of their "spaces" as havens of redemption. Whatever our hands touch, wherever our feet walk, whatever connection or relationship...there exists a potential haven for redemption.

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