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The Openness of the Kingdom

I listened to a sermon today by Tim Keller called The Openness of the Kingdom. (You can download it here.) It is a riveting look at the how Jesus tries to get across the importance of the Kingdom, the central organizing principle of the Kingdom, and how we can live according to that central principle. It's really been working on my heart in terms of the gospel, salvation, God's Kingdom and all that we are to be about in light of God's grand plan for redemption and renewal. Here are a few quotes:

"When our relationship with God unraveled, all other relationships unraveled."

"The Kingdom of God is the reintroduction of God's presence into this world to turn this world into the home that our hearts most desperately want."

"The purpose of God's salvation is to restore and renew this creation."

"If you're part of His kingdom, you're not just out to save souls, though certainly you are because that's a big part of the renewal, you're also out to do housing, and to do health, and to do education..."

"God's salvation is not just about you, it's about the world."

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