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Live blogging from MAGL in Pasadena - 2

In an organization, different people and groups take on different roles and functions. I find that I am more of a Creative Designer - I like to design the big picture, build it and then let others take it and implement it. According to Harvard scholar Henry Mintzberg, organization structures should divide and coordinate the work. They also should provide 5 basic functions:

The Operating core is the heart of every organization, the part that produces the essential outputs that keep it alive. It encompasses those members who perform the basic work related directly to the mission, to the production.

Strategic Apex – refers to the leader(s) in the organization who have final authority/responsibility for decision making for the organization as a whole and who insure that the organization serves its mission in an effective way.

Middle Line – refers to those leaders in the organization who have line responsibility, that is, have formal authority to supervise others in the middle line and operating core and have accountability for this supervision to the strategic apex.

Technostructure – refers to the analysts and their clerical support people who serve to provide back-up analytical work for the strategic apex, middle line, and operating core as well as standardization in terms of work, planning, and personnel practices. These are the people who ask “how can we do things better? What will help us accomplish our vision?” People in the technostructure serve the organization by influencing the work of others. These analysts are removed from the operating work/flow – they may design it, plan it, change it, or train the people who do it, but they usually do not do it themselves.

Support Staff – refers to those workers in an organization who provide support (administrative) to the organization outside its operating workflow.

image: cog-wheels and springs by Little Niels

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