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blog un-fast

I'm breaking my fast from blogging. I'm taking a break from my seminary program, and definitely need to blog about some of the things I've been processing. We recently packed up and moved to a community we have a heart for and feel called to serve in during this season. Call it an at-risk community or what, but it's about as close to the type of neighborhood we lived in during our time in Memphis as we could find.

No, we didn't choose this neighborhood because it was the safest in Austin (just the opposite). No, we didn't choose this neighborhood because it has the best schools in Austin (just the opposite). No, we didn't choose this neighborhood because everyone is white, young and middle-class (just the opposite). And oh yeah, we do have John Perkins, Bob Lupton and the CCDA to partially blame for our choice of neighborhoods.

So, one of the things I'm going to be doing over the next year or so is highlighting issues of justice, poverty and community development.

I'm also excited about an experiment I'm doing with missional communities right now. I've gathered a group of like-minded missional-ists. We are going through Perspectives together, learning about and engaging in our at-risk neighborhood, as well as learning about and engaging with an unreached people group in the Sudan. It's guaranteed to not be a flop, mainly because it's just an experiment and I'm not sure what's going to come of it. But what happens when you gather passionate people to learn about and engage in God's mission to the poor, oppressed and unreached together? Only time will tell...

image: cup of water by: matt_so

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