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Ecuador trip

I leave for Ecuador tomorrow. Internet will be spotty, if available at all. I will only be gone a few days, and will be working with our partners to do training and equipping on a new strategic direction called the PEACE plan, a wholistic church-to-church approach to establishing Church Planting Movements and Community Development. (For those of you who don't know, I am a Missions Pastor by trade. Living in the inner-city is, I guess, a hobby??) This will probably be my last trip before our baby comes in July, unless I take a short one to Asia for continued assessment and follow up with other potential church partners. I'd love your prayers...

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  • Anonymous blind beggar says so:
    6:23 PM, April 27, 2006  

    Stew: Be sure you let us know how the trip went and where you were in Ecuador. I've spent time in Cuenca, Ecuador, working with the local Verbo Church doing medical missions. I'd move there fulltime Lord willing.

    I'm familiar with the PEACE plan and would love some perspective. top