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What kind of mentor are you?

What kind of mentor are you?

We all mentor... at all times. Sometimes we are intentional. Sometimes not. But at all times we are mentoring, passing on to others our values, passions, knowledge, skills and resources. In moving from unintentional mentoring to intentional mentoring it is so important to understand and develop the kind of mentor God has created us to be.

Look at this list and see which mentor type* you are:

:: Active Mentoring ::

- Dicipler: enabler in the basic of following Christ (i.e. prayer, the Word, community, ministry, doctrines, etc.)

- Spiritual Guide: provides accountability, drection and insight for decision making; deals with inner-growth issues, appraises a person's spirituality, seeks to create internal spiritual motivation, desires to deepen the believer's spiritual maturity level

- Coach: provides motivation, skills, and application needed to meet a task; guides a skill-focused relationship, shares specific areas of expertise, focuses on obedience and responsibility

:: Occasional Mentoring ::

- Counselor: offers timely advice on viewing self, others, circumstances and ministry; provides perspective for emerging leaders, provides stimulus towards potential

- Teacher: knowledge and understanding of a particular subject; provides motivation towards learning, focuses on integration of theory and practice

- Sponsor: provides career guidance and development within an organization; influences others, advocates for the mentoree, networks resources to facilitate development, desire to accelerate leadership development of mentoree

:: Passive Mentoring ::

- Contemporary Model: a living, personal model who inspires emulation

- Historical Model: a past life that teaches dynamic principles

- Divine Contact: a timely and divine intervention of guidance or discernment

So which one are you? Comment below and let me know...

*adapted from Bobby Clinton's 9 types of mentoring relationships in the book, Spiritual Mentoring by Anderson and Reese

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