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Live blogging from MAGL in Pasadena - Friday, Week 1

Yesterday we looked at the subject of Emotional Intelligence — which is how leaders handle themselves and their relationships. This idea is based primarily on research coming out of Harvard University by Dr. Daniel Goleman and his team.

Goleman asserts that self-absorbed leaders can often be clueless, but that gifted leadership occurs where head and heart – thought and feeling – meet. These are the two wings that allow a leader to soar.

He asserts that there are key reasons for leadership failure due to lack of Emotional Intelligence:

  1. An inability to manage relationships well
  2. An inability to implement change successfully

Stop and think about yourself. Have you ever…

- Demonstrated anger that didn’t make sense to you?

- Been unable to express what you had to say?

- Felt like the other person wasn’t really there?

- Been unable to listen attentively because of your mood?

Then maybe you have something to learn about Emotional Intelligence, which I'll post more about later...


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