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Building a Movement of Missional Communities - part 3

George Patterson wrote a book called Church Multiplication Guide based on his experience with church multiplication movements in Latin America. Four things he says that have been helpful for my understanding of leadership and movements of the gospel:

1. Loving obedience to God's Word should be the mark of success for leadership.

2. Keep the bar for leadership high, but the entry point low.

3. On-the-job training is the best way to develop leaders.

4. Leadership development should be little-by-little and topic-by-topic.

We will never see a movement of missional communities as long as we wait for the "perfect" leader. Peter was years into leading the largest church in the history of Christianity (at the time) when Paul rebuked him for being a racist and having bad theology. Why do we look for the perfect leader when the New Testament model was full of leaders who were imperfect, yet learned and grew over time?

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image: Movement/Movimiento by: victor_nuno

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