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Ecuador, blogging, and updates

The trip to Ecuador was good. I think I got a nice case of the flu on the way back, so I'm just now coming out from under the weather. Got to meet with friends and partners there, and begin cast vision about a holistic approach to establishing church planting movements and community development. Looks to be a lot of opportunity. It's interesting to watch things progress in Ecuador. The emerging church looks much different than in the West, or even Africa or Asia for that matter. The Catholic heritage has it's upside and downside, the downside being the almost unnoticable slide towards dependency. Dependency on outside resources, manpower, ideas... That's a slippery slope that doesn't engender healthy movements.

MSNBC has a little article on the power of blogs and blogging. Nice little tip of the hat to the massive shifts that are happening in "news" these days.

Find out if your blog or website is really a Web 2.0 site with the Web 2.0 Validator. C'mon - aren't you curious to see how you match up?

Andrew Jones comments on Emerging and Emergent church. I thought it was important enought to make the del.icio.us list.

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