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reading and community

I've been reading like a dog lately trying to get my head around community, groups, small groups, cell groups, house churches, cell churches, and every other type of missional community that is out there. I think the phrase missional community is the best way that I can lump all the iterations of the before-mentioned groups. So, feel free to peruse the newly minted list of books on your right - just scroll down near the bottom and you'll see the first couple of lists under the "current reading" section.

Any books or resources you would recommend on "missional community" (as I call it) would be greatly appreciated.

Is there anything not on the list that you think is a must-read? (C'mon, I know that there are a few "experts" on community out there - you seminary profs and students, missionaries, practitioners, and pastors are out there... tell me your ideas and suggestions...)

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