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Building a Movement of Missional Communities - part 4

In Part 1 and 2 of this series we looked at the first six elements of a movement of missional communities (MMC), or multiplying house churches. Let's look at elements 7 through 10:

7. Small Groups / House Churches / Missional Communities
MMCs are not sparked by people whose idea of “church” is just a large group of unengaged people sitting and soaking in a sanctuary. MMCs are sparked by people whose idea of “church” is an interdependent network of communities of people gathering wherever they can to minister to one another to be on mission. These groups may or may not come together on a regular basis to celebrate, worship, and receive advanced training. (Our network of missional communities do come together weekly on Sundays.)

Reproducing communities have 10 to 30 members. They have an effective witness in their locality. They meet in an intimate setting where they can easily hold one another accountable. Each group is a spiritual family with a high sense of mutual concern. Leadership tasks are more easily done.

P.O.U.C.H. Communities:
• Participative Bible Teaching: Every member contributes. Every member reproduces.
• Obedience to Scripture: The Bible, not a leader, is the ultimate authority. Study emphasizes application.
• Unpaid Leaders: Self-supporting men and women. The get on-the-job training as they need it – little by little, over time.
• Cell Groups (already discussed their traits).
• Houses, coffee shops, and other “third places” are typical meeting places: Encourages witness to family and neighbors. Can use existing facilities. No need for large funds and projects.

8. Missional Communities Starting New Missional Communities
MMCs are not sparked by people who want to plant missional communities one at a time. MMCs are sparked by people who want to see groups planting groups. They teach new believers that reproduction is natural. They teach new believers that no external aids are needed to start a new missional community.

9. Rapid Reproduction and Multiplication
MMCs are not sparked by people who plan for slow growth. MMCs are sparked by people who plan for rapid growth. A MMC continues to spread if believers, groups, and leaders are reproducing regularly.

Intentional multiplication launches new missional groups in a strategy for reaching unreached networks of people adding fuel to the fire of a movement. The resources are in the Harvest. We’ve estimated that there are approx. 600,000 lost people in Austin! That means that 99.7% of our future leaders, hosts, apprentices, and laborers are not yet believers. That means that we must focus on prayer, evangelism and simple training to find the majority of our future leaders and laborers.

10. Healthy, Missional Communities
MMCs are not sparked by people who have a low view of church. MMCs are sparked by people who long to see healthy communities and churches. Healthy Traits: worshipping Christ, living in community, getting trained for ministry, and making disciples.

[ Review: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3]

image: Movement/Movimiento by: victor_nuno

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