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Missional Blog-fest

Let's face it - the word "missional" has become a junk-drawer word. You know what a junk-drawer is - that drawer in your bedroom or desk that just gets all sorts of crap thrown in it. G.K. Chesterton once said something to the effect that if you don't believe in anything, then you'll believe everything. The reverse is true for the word "missional." If it comes to mean everything and anything, then soon (if not already) it will mean nothing.

On June 23rd, more than 50 bloggers will blog in response to this one question - "What is missional?" Rick Meigs, who founded the Friend of Missional site, has called for something akin to a Missional Blog-fest in order to reclaim the term "missional" - primarily because of it has become a junk-drawer word - overly and wrongly used.

I'm in. If you'd like to join in on the Missional Blog-fest, just let Rick know. By the way, here are the other bloggers who are joining the party:

Alan Hirsch
Alan Knox
Andrew Jones
Barb Peters
Bill Kinnon
Brad Brisco
Brad Grinnen
Brad Sargent
Brother Maynard
Bryan Riley
Chad Brooks
Chris Wignall
Cobus Van Wyngaard
Dave DeVries
David Best
David Fitch
David Wierzbicki
Doug Jones
Duncan McFadzean
Erika Haub
Jamie Arpin-Ricci
Jeff McQuilkin
John Smulo
Jonathan Brink
JR Rozko
Kathy Escobar
Len Hjalmarson
Makeesha Fisher
Malcolm Lanham
Mark Berry
Mark Petersen
Mark Priddy
Michael Crane
Michael Stewart
Nick Loyd
Patrick Oden
Peggy Brown
Phil Wyman
Richard Pool
Rick Meigs
Rob Robinson
Ron Cole
Scott Marshall
Sonja Andrews
Stephen Shields
Steve Hayes
Tim Thompson
Thom Turner

image: junk drawer by: kosmonautica

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  • Anonymous david says so:
    9:21 PM, June 18, 2008  

    i'm super excited about this next week. It's going to be fantastic to be able to click into these 50 unique perspectives.

    but, hey.. what's with the slagging off of junk drawers?! hehe :)

    some of us are trying to redeem the term. the junk drawer contains the most precious and under-appreciated items in your house. it is the drawer of the "other".

    :) top

  • Blogger John says so:
    9:20 PM, July 20, 2008  

    I'd be down to get on the list! top

  • Blogger J. R. Miller says so:
    7:26 PM, August 07, 2008  

    Hi, I came to your site because of our shared interest in being a Friend of Missional. I missed the blog-fest, but I am glad to make your acquaintance and visit your blog. God bless! top

  • Blogger ciara says so:
    10:18 PM, October 09, 2008  

    In all your activity is God in it? The one thing that I notice immediately in all this missional strategizing is that its Christless and void of the power and leading of the Holy Spirit.

    God establishes churches and the means by which He establishes them is through Christ being proclaimed. Is your desire that there be many churches? Then concern yourself much with preaching Christ and plead with God for souls to turn to Christ and watch God raise up a church and add to their number. This strategizing is a foolish aim to substitute for what only God can do.

    True church growth and true church multiplication can not be manipulated or manufactured but is a supurnatural work of God that occurs through men empowered by the Holy Spirit proclaming the pure gospel of Jesus Christ.

    You talk alot about church but hardly a word is spoken of Christ, can I ask what is your goal? top

  • Blogger stew says so:
    1:40 PM, October 13, 2008  


    These are questions we should always ask ourselves. Where Jesus is not present there is no mission and therefore no church.

    However, no strategy is still a strategy. If you don't have a strategy, your strategy is to not have a strategy - that's a strategy. Jesus had a strategy (John 20:21; Matt 9:13; Matt. 18:11; Matt. 20:28; Luke 4:18). Nehemiah had a strategy and a plan. Paul had a very specific church planting strategy (regional cities, etc.). Doesn't it say somewhere that Jesus was slain before the foundation of the world? Doesn't that mean that God started with the end in mind? Isn't that a strategy?

    I agree that movements are supernatural works of God, but that doesn't not mean that God has left us to be aimless. Don't baptize laziness and in the name of the "no-strategy" approach call it godly.

    So are you saying that all missional strategizing is Christless? top

  • Blogger ciara says so:
    11:16 PM, October 13, 2008  

    Scan your blog to find any mention of Christ and you will not find Him, by this alone it is evident that your missional strategizing is Christless. And you abuse scripture to support your own Christless ambitions.

    You know how I can discern that in all your activity God is not in it? The Spirit of God will bear witness about Jesus Christ. (John 15:26-27)

    I am not suggesting that anyone live without aim. "We (christians) make it our aim to please Him."(2 Cor. 5:9) I am opposed to is this ambition (or mission) to multiply the Lords church through human ingenuity and worldly methodology.

    Not only is there no mention of Christ, there is no mention of Christ's mission, He came to seek and save the lost. Where is the concern for the salvation of men? What in the world are you in this for? top

  • Blogger stew says so:
    9:20 AM, October 14, 2008  

    Wow... do a google search and you'll find more than 50 blog posts that reference, point to, and talk about Jesus.

    Sorry that you've completely missed the point... top